My name is Ammy.
I am a shopping addicted fashion student, I work nights and I'm a make up fanatic. Disney is my thing.

Instagram : rosecoloured

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"As long as I am alive and kicking, I am going to fight for you."

hollowed cheeks, anticipation, 80's music, oversized shirts, tight jeans, all black, leather, 'classy barmaid', silk scarves, black and gold, sketch books, Vogue, the use of a biro, vintage, class + sophistication, glamour, Louboutins, wavy hair on rainy days, brogues, his clothes > to my own, dairy free, meat free, heart confetti, heated rollers, hot chocolate, vanilla coffee, precious, collar bones, smoked eyes, contour, icy-white hair, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Sailor Jerry, looking airbrushed, lace, skinny legs, honey hair, cats, late nights - early mornings, wedged heels, knee + thigh high socks, satchels, star gazing, atmosphere, plushies from my other half, Bordello heels, ankle + shoe boots, suede everything, aqua, turquoise, gold, feathers, the colour orange, the colour jade, warm lay-ins, weight loss, train journeys with clasped hands, Ayr, Glasgow shopping, the bing, jager bombs, every drink in a wine glass, grapefruit juice, red bull, harry potter, tailored clothes, blazers, brights on dresses, riu cancun,
"I love you."

Saturday May 12th - 11:38am

Hiiiiiiiiiiii (Taken with instagram)

Hiiiiiiiiiiii (Taken with instagram)

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